Sukhdi / Gol Papdi Recipe By Maya Foods

Sukhdi is a sweet made from wheat flour, jaggery and ghee, is savoured at weddings or on even consumed during holidays. It is especially known to be a winter sweet. This is also known as Gud Papdi Recipe in India. It is very quick, authentic Gujarati sweet made with just 3 ingredients: Ghee, Wheat Flour and Jaggery(Gud). Sukhadi is very soft, melt in mouth texture. So in case you have a demand for dessert in 15 minutes, you can quickly make this Sukhdi Recipe.


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Recipe for Sukhdi / Gol Papdi

  • Heat ghee in a pan and add flour to it. Roast the flour till it changes color and becomes light brown (Consistency of the mixture should not be dry or else add extra ghee).
  • After roasting around 10-15 mins, remove the mixture from the flame. Add elaichi powder and jaggery after mixture becomes little cool and mix it properly till all jaggery dissolves.
  • Pour the mixture in a Thali and set the mixture properly to form a cake. Garnish the sukhadi with grated almonds. Cut the cake into diamonds and allow it to cool properly before removing it from the Thali.
  • Once it is cooled well, remove the diamonds and serve as instant mithai.You can pack it in an airtight container to store. It can remain fresh for 2-4 days.

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